Weekly coronavirus update from David Tutt - w/c 11.5.20


Following almost two months of lockdown, the Government are turning their attention to how and when this will be lifted.  This is a decision which will require the wisdom of Solomon.  Whilst with every day that passes the impact upon the economy, including the chances of some businesses collapsing, leaving many unemployed increases, this needs to be weighed against the loss of life which will result in ending the lockdown too soon.  Personally, I favour a cautious approach.  The impact of CV-19 has so far been much greater in the UK than many other places.  For a country with less than 1% of the global population, we account for more than 11% of reported deaths and even allowing for poor recording in some places it is clear that this deadly virus has been worse here than in most of the world and as the rate of infection decreases I believe that we must do all that we can to avoid a second wave.

Fortunately, the information available suggests that the number of cases in Eastbourne is toward the lower end of towns and cities in Britain, not that this news will be any consolation to those who have lost loved ones.  My thoughts are very much with them.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the East Sussex College Group via video conference.  They deserve to be congratulated for the way that they have responded to the current challenges. They have made buildings available for a chemotherapy unit and also for TechResort who have been making PPE face masks using 3D printers.  The college also donated thousands of frozen meals which have helped feed those in need.  If you find that you have time on your hands and want to learn something new, they have a range of free online courses available. These can be found at http://www.grasplearning.co.uk/elearning-short-online-courses why not take a look?

So, as we move towards a lifting of the lockdown, let us try to keep some of the positives which have come from it, like cleaner air due to less use of vehicles and with Government-support accommodation for those who were sleeping on the streets. 

Stay safe – Keep well.

David Tutt

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