Coronavirus update from Cllr David Tutt - w/c 1.6.20


As the Government relaxes the rules around lockdown, it is understandable that many of us, who have been cooped up at home since March, are keen to enjoy our newly found freedom and get out to enjoy the sunny weather.  The danger is that people will believe that the risk of catching the Coronavirus is now over, or at least very much reduced.  The truth however, is that the risk is still very much with us.  Whilst we are fortunate in East Sussex, in being a part of the country with a low rate of infections, the good weather will bring visitors from neighbouring areas with far greater levels.  Nationally, there are still around 2000 new cases and hundreds of deaths recorded daily.  To beat this deadly virus, it is vitally important that we all observe the social distancing rules, or risk a second wave of cases which could be worse than we have already experienced.

A few people have mentioned to me their disappointment that the libraries are closed and that they cannot borrow books.  Whilst I understand the frustration during a period when people might have more time available to them to read, I understand the need for them to be closed at present.  If, however you have the ability to read books on-line you can still borrow e-books from the East Sussex Libraries website.  They have a good range of books available and as with the physical books, you can borrow them free of charge.

One of the facilities which has reopened is the Household Waste site in St Philips Avenue.  The County Council are to be applauded for the security measures that they have put in place in order to observe the social distancing rules, but residents living near the site tell me of the long queues and reckless acts of some drivers, who not wanting to visit the site attempt to overtake the queue on the wrong side of the road.  I would ask everyone to be aware of these issues and for the time being, only to visit if it is essential and to drive carefully to avoid potential accidents.

Stay safe.


David Tutt




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