Coronavirus update from Cllr David Tutt - w/c 25.5.20


As another month of 2020 slips past, the usual array of events which we normally enjoy, and mark where we are in the year, have all been cancelled.  Had it not been for the Coronavirus, this Saturday would have been the Carnival, but along with everything else this is unable to go ahead due to social distancing.  Stephen Lloyd, who organises this uplifting event has however announced that this has only been postponed and set a provisional date of 13th September for it to take place.  Let’s hope that this can happen, as the Carnival is not only a lot of fun but also raises a lot of money for charity.

The news last week of the collapse of Shearings, dealt a blow not only to our local tourist industry, but to nearly every resort in the UK, as the company ran hotels in nearly every major location.  In Eastbourne they operated both the Burlington and the Majestic Hotels, providing seafront accommodation for tourists and employment for a large number of local people.  Currently, with hotels and restaurants closed due to the lockdown, the tourist industry that underpins our local economy is finding the going tough.  The future may however be brighter, as when these establishments are allowed to reopen and people are once again allowed to holiday, I believe that British residents will choose to take those holidays here in the UK and where better than Eastbourne to do so.  By that time, I hope that purchasers will have been found for these hotels and the jobs that they provide saved.

At the time of writing this, it remains unclear whether schools will reopen to more pupils as planned on the 1 June.  My understanding is that the decision whether to do so or not will rest with the school.  For those that do open their doors, class sizes will be limited to 15 pupils, but even with this number I can understand the concerns some teachers have, as enforcing social distancing amongst younger pupils will be almost impossible.  Parents will also be deliberating whether or not to send their children back for this final term before the summer holidays.  For this term it will not be compulsory to do so and every parent will need to make their own decision based upon how they see the risks.

I have asked recently where you can go if you are in urgent need of a dentist.  The answer is that whilst the Government have set up “emergency dental hubs” during the lockdown they have not said where these are, as they do not want people just turning up at them.  Their advice is that if you have a dental emergency you should call your own dentist who will make arrangements for you to visit a hub or call NHS911 who will assist.  I hope that this is helpful?

Stay safe.

David Tutt


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