Weekly coronavirus update from David Tutt - w/c 27.4.20


As we enter another week of lockdown it is important to ignore thoughts of going to the beach or countryside to enjoy the sun and remember why we are doing this. Covid-19 is a wicked virus which is easily transmitted from person to person and whilst thankfully the social isolation that has been imposed has stemmed the rate of increase, it is still causing between 500-900 deaths a day here in the UK. So, staying in is not only protecting our own lives but also reducing the pressure of health workers who are putting their own lives at risk as they care for those who have been infected.

On a Thursday evening we rightly applaud our NHS workers for all that they are doing at this time of crisis. To be part of the applause, together with so many others who come out of their homes, does I am sure give us all a lift as it brings the community together. There are so many people who we need to thank, in addition to NHS staff: all care workers; refuse collectors; food producers; shop workers (including those who deliver groceries); volunteers and so many more.

The economic impact of the lockdown will be immense. Whilst the Government has acted quickly to devise schemes to assist those who are suffering loss of trade/income (more than £13m was paid out to businesses in Eastbourne in a week), there are gaps in these schemes which leave some individuals and businesses unprotected. It is probable that many businesses will not reopen. Large organisations like Cath Kidston will not reopen their stores and many small businesses will struggle to do so. Locally, a number of small businesses which supply food are not only still open but some are also providing a delivery service.  Details of these can be found on the internet at eatlocal.info and selecting the Eastbourne area. Please do your best to support them.

Stay safe – my best wishes,

David Tutt

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