Alan and Candy Tackle Litter Eyesores, Speeding & Footpath Repairs

Langney councillors' ongoing campaign to tackle speeding vehicles, road & pavement repairs and litter eyesores continues.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth and Cllr Candy Vaughan joined community volunteers and the Council's Neighbourhood First team on the latest community litter pick, which links to the commitment to make areas PlasticFree.

Traffic calming measures are needed in several key routes across Langney.  The Sevenoaks Traffic Calming Group remain committed to pressing for more effective works to tackle the problem of speeding in Sevenoaks Road. Chair of the group, Alan Shuttleworth said,

“We are convinced that it needs electronic warning signage to slow down the traffic. Vehicle Advisory Signage is the best solution as it would work as a deterrent and reminder for a significant number of drivers. East Sussex Council are still refusing these requests.”

Important footpath repairs and potholes in Langney's roads are continuously reported to East Sussex County Council. However, the council is controlled by Conservative county councillors and they refuse to change the criteria for resurfacing the worst areas of our footpaths and roads. As Cllr Candy Vaughan commented,

"We have arranged for the Highway Steward to visit, but often the response is “it doesn’t meet the criteria”. Cllr Shuttleworth raised the need for a change in the criteria at the latest County Council meeting."


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