Conservatives Spend More On Leaflets Than Pavements

Liberal Democrat County Councillors attacked the Conservative budget for spending more on communications than on repairs to pavements and potholes. 

Councillor John Ungar, County Councillor for Old Town explains:

“The budget for communications is £100,000 more than the County Council is prepared to spend on mending pavements.  People don’t want more glossy leaflets.  They want to be able to walk down the road without tripping over broken pavements and to drive cars and bikes, including pushbikes, without falling down potholes.

The Conservatives ridiculed our proposal to spend less on leaflets and more on basic services that people need.  This shows their empty values: all show and no delivery”.

There is a gross budget of £1,102,000 for Communications.

In the CET capital budget there is an amount of £1 million for “Highways maintenance e.g. dropped kerbs and patching”.

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