Councillor secures Stagecoach commitment on Number 4 bus route


Old Town Councillor John Ungar is handing a petition to a Stagecoach Director. (Pictured before Lockdown) 

Councillor John Ungar organised a petition calling on Stagecoach to extend the route of the number 4 bus to Sainsbury's and the Hospice.

John has achieved a promise that, when the routes and timetables are next reviewed, the bus company will take the petition into account. 

The number 4 bus has been running again for the last few weeks. Earlier in the lockdown it was temporarily suspended. It is running between the town and the DGH and taking in Hill Road and other Old Town destinations.If people want to check the times the phone number for the Birch Road depot is: 01323 416416. Or they can use [email protected]

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