County Council Profits From New Parking Charges

Eastbourne’s businesses and residents are angry that East Sussex County Council chose to impose steep display parking and on-street parking permit increases when the town was emerging from an extended lockdown due to Covid19.  At the last County Council meeting the Tory majority dismissed Liberal Democrat pleas that the increases be postponed until the New Year when, hopefully, the Town will have recovered from the effects of Covid19.

ESCC increased on-street parking permits and display parking charges throughout Eastbourne at the beginning of July - display parking charges have risen between 20p and £1.90. An Eastbourne resident who was paying £25 for an annual On-Street Parking Permit for the first car at the residence will have to pay as much as £95.

Kathy Ballard says “It is incomprehensible that East Sussex County Council should increase the charges at this time.  The increases are wrapped up as helping the Environment when they are in fact lucrative income generation measures for East Sussex County Council”.

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