Covid-19: Supporting The Langney Community

Langney councillors are continuing to support local people through the lockdown. If you would like to join a  “Langney ZOOM Lockdown Club” please let us know. We are also working with schools to highlight the growing concerns around lack of Government planning which has left local families struggling to offer home learning without devices, as well as growing food poverty and mental health issues.

If you have a surplus laptop/tablet/computer we can arrange to have it cleaned and then pass to a family to support home education.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth has led the local Schools’ campaign and also led the campaign to stop the closure of the Walk-In Health Centre at the station, which is so important for many vulnerable people. We will offer support wherever possible and are determined to achieve as fast a roll-out of vaccinations to NHS and care staff, key workers and all the most vulnerable as quickly as possible.

For help phone Community Hub:  Call  01323 679722


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