East Sussex County Council Tories Refuse to Fund Road Safety Improvements

Shock and disbelief from Old Town residents as they reacted to the news that East Sussex County Council did not fund the upgrading of the Zebra Crossing to a Pelican Crossing on Church Street, near its junction with Green Street.

They also kept the purse closed so there was no funding available to install a pedestrian phase on the lights at the junction with Victoria Drive, Summerdown Road and East Dean Road. 

Old Town's Lib Dem county Councillor John Ungar's campaign for these safety improvements led to County Council officers agreeing that these schemes needed doing, but no money has been made available.

Councillor John Ungar said,

“We cannot leave it there, the campaign must go on.” For this reason, Old Town Liberal Democrats have launched a petition aimed at persuading the County Council to fund these safety improvements. 

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