Hands Off Friday Street Farm!

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth is continuing the fight to save our green belt by opposing building over Friday Street Farm which is in Wealden Council area, but borders Langney at Pennine Way.

Alan said, “So many people oppose building on this unique piece of the green belt and recognise the enormous impact in terms of traffic congestion, pollution and damage to the environment and to protected species, as well as the flooding impact, and inadequacies in pumping and wastewater sewerage arrangements.”

This Planning committee is restricted to the access to the site from Pennine Way, and the expected traffic congestion, as Wealden Council have already approved the development.

Pennine Way is the only route in and out of this area for many hundreds of existing properties, never mind the increased traffic from this development.

East Sussex Highways have recognised the impact in terms of congestion on the road network. There is uncertainty over the funding of these works.

Alan is hoping to persuade the committee to refuse permission despite the planning officers’ recommendation of approval, “The Planning committee must refuse permission due to the inevitable impact in Pennine Way as well as the severe impact on the surrounding road network if this development is approved without guarantees on the funding for all the required mitigation works.”

Permission must be withheld until all the monies for highway works are in place, and a condition that no housing be occupied until these works are completed should be applied. This may dissuade the developers from starting this building.

The battle to save our green belt goes on. Hands off Friday Street Farm!

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