Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


Witnessing the sudden changes in Government policy, with regard to the need for people to quarantine when entering the UK from some destinations and the stricter measures being applied in parts of the north of England, make us aware that the Covid pandemic is far from over.  In order to prevent the spread of the virus and a return to lockdown in Eastbourne it is important that we continue to take steps to minimise risk.  One way is for those of use who have debit or credit cards to use them instead of cash.  In our town centre market, where cash is traditionally used, it is good to see that many traders have invested in card readers.  They have done this to help protect us, so let’s recognise this and for those of us who have cards, have them ready when we pay.

I am concerned that the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have decided to reopen the consultation over the future of the walk-in centre at the Railway Station.  Personally, I am strongly opposed to the removal of this important facility.  It not only provides a service to residents in the heart of Eastbourne but also: serves visitors to the town; those without a permanent address and those who need to see a G.P. urgently, but cannot get a timely appointment at their own health centre.  If the current location is a problem, I am sure that a central alternative can be found.  Without this I believe that there will be increased pressure on A&E at the DGH.  We have until 14 September to respond to the consultation.

My fears rose last week as I received a number of messages to tell me that there was a fire on the pier.  Fortunately, on this occasion it was a relatively small fire. As always, the Fire Service responded swiftly and it was extinguished. My thanks go to all concerned for the efficient way that this was dealt with.  It did however remind me of the major fire which destroyed the Blue Room in 2014.  Following that incident, the whole town rallied round in a most impressive way, but the last thing Eastbourne needs in the wake of Covid-19 is a repeat of that tragic event.


Stay safe


David Tutt

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