Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


As the Covid lockdown is lifted, I believe that it is inevitable that there will be an increase in the number of cases in certain areas.  This has already been seen in Leicester in the UK.  More recently, a spike in cases in Spain has led the UK Government to reintroduce a 2-week quarantine period, for those arriving here from Spain, including people returning from holiday.  I have received a number of questions about the infection rate in Eastbourne as some people had heard that it is high.  I have checked with public health and this is currently running at a rate of 4.22 cases per 1000 of the population, which, whilst higher than the average for East Sussex, is below the 4.56 figure for the UK as a whole. 

With some swimming pools reopening around the country, I have been asked when the Sovereign Centre will be open.  During the lockdown, the Council took over the running of the centre, from The Eastbourne Leisure Trust and Serco, who have run the facility so well for the past 16 years.  We are now preparing to reopen in September. Initially, this will be the gala pool only, as it is virtually impossible to comply with social distancing in a fun pool.  We will also be revisiting the design plans for the new pool, as these will need to be amended due to the implications of Covid.

One of the few benefits from the lockdown has been the improved air quality, as there have been fewer cars on the streets.  This is of course changing as more people return to work and the highways fill up once again.  Looking ahead, “Car Free Day” will create the opportunity to enjoy less traffic once again, albeit for just one day.  This takes place on the 22nd September.  I have pledged to leave my car at home that day, will you join me?

Stay safe.


David Tutt




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