Lib Dem Councillors Succeed In Opening Scrutiny Meetings To Public View

Liberal Democrat County Councillor John Ungar has succeeded in forcing the Conservative administration who run East Sussex County Council to webcast scrutiny meetings.  Cllr Ungar explains:

“As Liberal Democrat councillors we believe that we are accountable to the public.  Scrutiny meetings are an opportunity to review council policy and services.  This is a cross-party opportunity to take an in-depth look at areas of concern raised either by councillors or by members of the public if issues are clearly wide-spread across the county.

They can act as a positive opportunity to improve our services as well as to challenge where appropriate and to hold the Cabinet decision makers to account.”

Cllr David Tutt, leader of the Liberal Democrat group adds:

“We were astonished when we first proposed this last year that the Conservatives turned it down.  We live in a democracy and we should all be accountable to our residents for the decisions we take on their behalf.  It is sad that the Conservatives have been forced into this climb down by Covid where the many virtual meetings that have been held have made it impossible for them to refuse this very reasonable request which is in the interest of good governance”.

Details of Scrutiny Committees

For further information on this matter:

Cllr John Ungar

Phone:  01323 726322

Email:  [email protected]


Cllr David Tutt  [email protected]


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