Lib Dems Call for Investment in County Council Services

East Sussex County Council has an £8.5 million underspend in its budget due to Covid.  Liberal Democrat councillors are calling for £2.5 million of this to be invested in services.  Councillor Colin Swansborough explains:

“We are calling for investment in a number of services including grant funding for the voluntary sector, mental health support for Adult Social Care, business resilience and recovery and a range of support for schools.  In addition, we are calling again for re-consideration of our budget proposals to make repairs to our pavements and to accelerate the County Council’s climate change plan, both of which were turned down by the Conservatives.”


Councillor David Tutt, group leader for the Liberal Democrats adds:

“We have a one-off opportunity to carry out prevention measures which will put some vital investment back into our local communities, including some of the most vulnerable people in our society who have been hardest hit by Covid and the repeated lockdowns. We need to take every opportunity to repair at least some of the damage of the last decade and to give our residents the services they deserve”.

Potential investment areas proposed by the Liberal Democrats:

Training and information on respite services                              £150,000

Grant fund to support voluntary sector resilience                       £250,000

Adult Social Care mental health support                                    £250,000

Business resilience and recovery                                               £150,000

Child mental health assessment and impact                               £250,000

Additional SEND support for schools                                          £250,000

Increased advice and support to primary schools                        £250,000

Additional repairs to pavements                                                £250,000

Acceleration of climate emergency plan                                      £250,000

TOTAL INVESTMENT                                                           £2, 050,000


Your Lib Dem County Councillors working for you:                                                                  

Cllr Colin Swansborough  [email protected]

Cllr David Tutt  [email protected]


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