Lib Dems Lead Campaign To Support Carers

Since leading a cross-party motion at the Eastbourne Borough Council thanking our carers, paid and unpaid, for the fantastic work they do, Councillor Peter Diplock has continued working to support carers in our town.

Peter has worked with carers' organisations and Eastbourne Borough Council to bring in 'Think Carer' training for all customer-facing staff and managers. The training will help staff spot the signs that someone is a carer, and how to offer them the best support and help for their unique circumstances.  It will also help managers better support their own staff with caring responsibilities. 

Nationally, the Lib Dems are calling for all unpaid carers to receive breaks, and an increase in carer's allowances. The Lib Dems recently proposed an East Sussex County Council budget amendment to fund carers' training, but this was voted down by the Tories.

In relation to the 'Think Carer' Training, Cllr Peter Diplock said,

"I'm really proud of this, as carers give so much and ask for so little, they deserve all the help we can give. Not everyone who is a carer realises they are.  As a result they can often miss out on valuable help and support, and Think Carer training will help address that."


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