Liberal Democrat Budget Proposals Put Sovereign Residents First

Liberal Democrat County Council budget proposals focus on the most vulnerable residents.  Conservatives talk about vulnerable people, but Liberal Democrats roll-up their sleeves to take action. 

Our 2021-22 budget proposals put money back into the kitty to support people who have suffered most during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the Conservative led Council voted-down our amendments.

We would have added £200,000 from the County’s Covid money to support children’s mental health assessments and services; many of them have been so badly affected by the lack of school attendance.

Lib dems proposed that additional social services money - £880,000 - should go towards providing training and respite services for carers; grant funds for front-line voluntary sector services; adult mental health support, and expansion of the successful Community Hubs.

Dr Kathy Ballard, Sovereign Spokesperson for the County elections, said, “It is bewildering that the Conservative County leadership propose a council tax precept increase of 3% split over two years for adult social care, set £880,000 aside in the budget, but don’t say how it will be spent! Would you run a county in this way?

Comparisons of council tax rises since 2007 show that Lib Dem-led Eastbourne Borough Council has raised council tax by 23% and the Conservatives in Tory-run County Hall by a whopping 42%. A substantial difference hitting your pocket. If elected on 6th May to be Sovereign County Councillor, I would be demanding to know how this can be and ensuring you get some accountability for your money.”

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