New Langney Community Partnership Formed

A new Shinewater & North Langney Community Partnership has been formed which includes local schools, the Lighthouse Medical Practice, YMCA , churches, sports, police, council, residents and voluntary groups working together on an Action Plan.

The Partnership group is leading several new projects around Youth provision, Mental Health and park improvements.

The ACTION PLAN covers:

  • Community Safety
  • Youth outreach and Club provision
  • Shinewater Park Mural & Oasis project
  • Summer funding of park activities
  • Eastbourne Carbon Neutral 2030 initiatives
  • Maximising spare capacity at Shinewater
  • Promotion of Events Webpage on Facebook

The Partnership has set up “The Shinewater Oasis project” which we would like your views on. What are your ideas for improving Shinewater Park?

The Partnership would like to hear your ideas. It could be educational, artistic, creative, health and wellbeing, youth, family or senior citizens or intergenerational.

If you could design a Shinewater Oasis building, what features would it contain… ?

The Partnership would like to prepare a project bid.

We believe that in these extraordinary times there is a place for an imaginative bid which puts people’s health and wellbeing front and centre, alongside community engagement.

Send your ideas to :

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth   Chair Shinewater and North Langney Community Partnership


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