Local Plan Update: Fisherman’s Green

19 Jan 2023

Government targets to build homes have forced Eastbourne Borough Council to consult on proposals which include green spaces – and Fisherman’s Green.
Councillor Stephen Holt said “It is absolutely ridiculous that our Council have to consult on housing sites which are completely inappropriate due to nationally set housing targets. The Lib Dems have made clear at Council meetings that we wish to protect our green spaces and community facilities, including Fisherman’s Green. Government proposals have forced us to consider areas which may be subjected to flooding, or are used for leisure activities including green spaces. We cannot let this happen, and I am grateful to everyone who has signed the petition and responded to the consultation. Whilst Government considers developing on valuable spaces, I am delighted that we have secured investment from the LTA to upgrade the tennis courts on Fisherman’s Green. This is an important leisure facility for residents and will be for the long term”.