Peter Backs Cllr Jamie Bennett to be Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

Councillor Peter Diplock comes out strongly for Jamie's candidacy in the 6th May election.

Peter says: “Over the last ten years police numbers here in Sussex have been cut by 13%, from 3,213 to 2,799 officers. For PCSOs, who deliver much of our community-based policing, it’s even worse. Their numbers have been cut by 27%, from 377 to 275. I am delighted to endorse Jamie Bennett to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex. His commitment to getting more police on the street and recognising, even in a lovely area like Meads, that boots on the ground are the best way to reassure law-abiding residents, is most welcome. ”

Councillor Jamie Bennett added, “I want to bring back community policing, get drugs off our streets by cutting county lines and deliver a better deal for Meads residents. We have seen the Police’s share of our Council Tax bills rocket, yet have little to show for our money but rising crime, more drugs and fewer police on our streets. It’s time for a change!”

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