Planning Applications in Upperton Ward

Upperton Councillors have been very involved in a couple of contentious planning applications within the ward - 2 Mill Road and 20 Upperton Road

Residents are concerned that the proposed demolition of 2 Mill Road, and the erection of a substantial block of 14 flats in its place, will dominate this historical and architectural part of town, which is primarily made up of large, detached houses.  It is sadly not possible for the council to prevent its demolition but, if we are to lose one of these fine buildings, then its replacement should enhance, and be sympathetic to, the area.  The application has now twice been deferred back to the developers by the Planning Committee over its proposed height and mass.

Residents of Upperton House, 20 Upperton Road, have for some time now expressed serious concerns regarding the appearance of their building. The developers have applied retrospectively to vary the conditions affecting the entrance, front parking area and perimeter fencing.  Residents are angry that these alterations are not what was sold to them, and the Planning Committee have now deferred the application back to the developers for reconsideration and negotiation with the residents.

Both these applications resulted in numerous representations from residents in the areas affected.  Upperton Councillors share residents’ concerns and will continue to listen to, and reflect, concerns about these, and future, planning applications within Upperton. 

We will always encourage residents to contact planning officers, and ourselves, wherever applications are made that would impact the amenity of their neighbourhood.

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