PROFILE: Sovereign Ward candidate Dr. Kathy Ballard


After growing up in London, I went to Liverpool University to study Medicine. When I qualified I worked in an A&E Department in London treating people from many walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Working 100 hour weeks in the NHS, I realised I had to choose between having a family or working full time. I devoted my time to bringing up my two daughters.

I moved to Sovereign Harbour in 2004 and my children had the privilege of growing up in the wonderful community of Eastbourne (I used to live in Dominica Court).

I was originally elected a Conservative Meads Ward Borough Councillor in 2015 and became an Independent in 2017, as it was my wish to follow my conscience with integrity and passion.

In 2018-19 Eastbourne’s Liberal Democrat Council appointed me Deputy Mayor and I was so delighted by this openness and inclusion that I became a card carrying Liberal Democrat in 2019.
I have an understanding of the moderate Tory voter (I used to be one) and I know they care about a lot of issues that we Liberal Democrats are also concerned with - the environment, preserving frontline council services, fiscal responsibility and protecting and supporting our wonderful Eastbourne community.

My contribution as a Meads councillor has helped many and includes presenting a motion to full council passed unanimously to align the council with the principles of a Plastic Free Eastbourne.

I am currently a Trustee of a local charity and Chair of Upperton Neighbourhood Panel (where I currently live). I listen to people involved in community led groups and by taking what residents have to say to the heart of Council I make sure wheels are set in motion for action and change. Working with leaders from all areas of the community enables me to bring them together to address specific problems that need local solutions. In doing so they build trusting networks which makes a real difference on the ground as people start to look out for each other. Covid 19 has shown us Eastbourne’s remarkable community spirit which we must continue to nurture.

I am delighted to have been chosen to fight the County Council seat for Sovereign Ward in 2021.Sovereign is a very special place and the people living here often feel separate from the rest of the town. As the Liberal Democrat candidate I will be able to work closely with the Borough Council and bring Sovereign closer involvement and influence within Eastbourne community championing its issues both in the town and at County level. Its time for a new approach at ESCC and if elected I would aim to be a part of the solution.

I pledge to the community to continue to answer the phone and email to residents as a priority and to put public service first. I really look forward to the challenge of fighting for Sovereign as their Liberal Democrat County Councillor.

If you need to contact me I can be reached on:

[email protected]

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