Sevenoaks Road Traffic Calming


Following the success of the Friday Street Crossing we are pleased to see some improvements in Sevenoaks Road but they don’t go far enough. We have been refused speed cameras and electronic vehicle activated signage. We also wanted a crossing to the children’s play park.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, who is leading the group commented,

“Our main concern is about the speed of vehicles who use the road as a cut through. There are 2 schools, a play park and Recreation Ground and a nature area close to the road. There have been numerous accidents and incidents including the demolition of the front of a house by one car. We desperately need measures to slow the traffic.”

Cllr Harun Miah said,  “Eastbourne Borough Council backed the Schools and Traffic Calming group with a grant from the Langney devolved budget scheme. “

Cllr Candy Vaughan added, “It is wrong that we have a wait for a serious accident before action is taken. We intend to keep pressing for more improvements to make the road safer.”


We are fighting for measures to slow traffic in other routes across the Langney area.

Please email  your road safety suggestions to:        [email protected]


Cllr Shuttleworth lobbied County Council about the need for an additional pedestrian crossing facility at Kingfisher Drive by St Barnabas Church. APPROVED

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth has vowed to fight on. He is calling on East Sussex County Council to object as the road network has not been upgraded.


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