This Country Needs Change and Real Leadership

Local people will never forget Eastbourne MP’s support for Boris Johnson through years of sleaze and scandal


Local Liberal Democrats question the judgement of Conservative MPs for propping up Boris Johnson. 


Responding to Boris Johnson’s resignation, Liberal Democrat candidate for Eastbourne and Willingdon, Josh Babarinde OBE said:


“It has been desperately disappointing to see Eastbourne and Willingdon’s Conservative MP stand loyally by Boris Johnson's side through years of scandals and lies.


“Local people are questioning our MP’s judgement are telling me they will never forgive the act of standing by Boris Johnson for so long.


“We need a local MP who will put local people’s needs over party loyalty to a Conservative party which has been proven to lack basic decency and integrity. 


“Conservative MPs voted through unfair tax hikes on working families, in favour of Southern Water being allowed to pump sewage into our sea, and supported the scrapping of triple-lock pensions.  


“This country needs change and real leadership to deal with the cost of living emergency and record NHS waiting times. This Conservative party have proven they cannot be trusted to govern our country with the respect we deserve.”

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