Time For Government to Honour Covid-19 Promises of Financial Support

In the early days of Covid 19 the government promised to reimburse the costs Councils incurred in supporting local residents, and the impact that the collapse of local economies would cause to Council coffers.

The cost to Eastbourne Borough Council is an estimated £30 million budget gap over the next 4 years.

Covid 19 has had, and continues to have, a severe impact on income the Council would normally receive from the Theatres, Conferences and other tourism related activities.

Like most Councils, Eastbourne Borough Council still awaits information from Government on how much they will contribute towards their Covid related costs.

Meantime the Borough Council are progressing a wide range of “radical” changes to services and assets in order to address the acute financial challenges posed by the Covid crisis. An independent Report by Grant Thornton Accountants was recently commissioned to look at factors affecting a council’s ability to recover from the pandemic.  The study showed that councils like Eastbourne have been particularly impacted by the high number of businesses, and employment, in risk areas such as Tourism and Hospitality. 

Pat Rodohan says, “The Government must do what they promised to do at the start of the pandemic and contribute to the huge loss of income Eastbourne has experienced and the direct Covid related costs.  As a tourism reliant town, we have been hit harder than most."

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