Tory Budget at East Sussex County Council - You Pay More and Get Less!

As East Sussex County Council Tory-run authority increase Council Tax by £1 a week and Lib Dem-run Eastbourne Borough Council by 10p a week it is clear which council offers value for money. Since 2007 Lib Dem-led Eastbourne Borough Council has raised council tax by 23% and the Conservatives in Tory-run County Hall by a whopping 42%. During the Covid pandemic Eastbourne has received £1.8m in Covid grant whereas East Sussex County Council has received £32m in support!

Liberal Democrat County Council budget proposals focus on the most vulnerable residents. Our 2021-22 budget proposals redirected unallocated money to support people who have suffered most during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the Conservative-led County Council voted-down our amendments.

We would have added £200,000 from the County’s Covid money to support children’s mental health assessments and catch-up work for the many children who have been so badly affected by the lack of school attendance.

Lib Dems proposed that additional social services money - £880,000 - should go towards providing respite services for carers; grant funds for front-line voluntary sector services; adult mental health support.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth said,

“The budget meeting was an opportunity to give more financial support for our schools and particularly those children who have missed out, as well as carers and mental health. There is a real need for more support for families who have suffered, especially with mental health issues.”

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