Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


The past few months have been very different.  Despite the lockdown I have been attending more meetings than ever, the difference being that instead of going to different locations I have conducted them all from my home.  Each day sitting in front of my computer, watching the screen and taking part in meetings via different video conferencing platforms. 

Weather-wise it has of course been a fantastic summer, so as I have been indoors, I have been looking longingly at the sunshine outside, wishing that I could go out and enjoy it.  So, with the reduction in Council commitments in August and the relaxation of the lockdown, I have decided to take a holiday.  Where am I going?  To the sunniest place in the UK.  I am sure that you have guessed correctly, I will be staying right here in Eastbourne.  The difference being that I will be ignoring the phone and e-mails and enjoying the sunshine. 

I know that many indoor attractions are still closed, but we are so fortunate with our local environment.  We have the South Downs on our doorstep with so much open space and stunning countryside.  If that were not enough, we also have the sea, with miles of beaches stretching from Sovereign Harbour to Holywell, it is not too hard to find a quiet spot. I think that it is time for a picnic.  Maybe I will see you around town.

Stay safe and enjoy summer.

David Tutt



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