Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 11-Jul-22

It has been a remarkable couple of weeks in Westminster.  Eventually after Boris Johnson’s bid to protect Owen Patterson; questions over how the refurbishment of 10 Downing Street was funded; the disastrous waste of money on PPE that was unusable; Partygate, for which he received a fixed penalty and his denial of the alleged antics of his colleague Chris Pincher when he appointed him Deputy Chief Whip, his fellow Conservative MPs decided what most of us have known for a long time, which is that Johnson is not fit to be Prime Minister.  Even now he is clinging to the last remnants of power whilst he waits for the Conservative Party to choose his successor.  I am not sure that I will truly believe that he has gone until the keys to No.10 are finally prised from his hand. 

We will now be treated to the somewhat unseemly process of many would-be PMs leaking stories about each other and explaining why their opponents, from their own party, are unfit for the job, until we learn who the successor will be.  My hope is that this process will be over quickly to avoid a period of stagnation, and whatever the outcome, the winner is more concerned about the future of the country than themselves.

Although not an allotment holder myself, I have fond childhood memories of my Grandad sitting me on the crossbar of his bike and riding me down to his allotment at the end of Ringwood Road, where I would spend happy hours helping him pick his fruit and vegetables.  We are lucky today to have an excellent Allotment and Gardens Society in Eastbourne, and they will be hosting an edition of the popular Radio 4 programme “Gardeners’ Question Time” at 17.00 on Tuesday 19 July in the Welcome Building at Devonshire Park.  If you would like to join them, tickets are available for £4.50 at [email protected] or by ringing them on 01323 430970.

Stay safe and enjoy summer!

David Tutt

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