Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 24-Nov-20

Covid-19 cases have continued to rise again this week with the number in Eastbourne being 44 per 100,000 of the population, roughly in line with the average for East Sussex.  Mercifully, this remains well below the average for England at 192 and as a result we continue to enjoy greater freedoms than many other areas.  It is important for our health and economy that we do not become complacent and remember the mantra of ‘hands, face, space’ in all that we do.  I know that the rules have changed many times and I was asked this week about family gatherings.  The current rule is that whether family or not, groups meeting up from different households indoors or out, should not exceed 6 people.

The team at the Council run Environmental Services Company (SEESL) have done a fantastic job keeping our bins empty during the pandemic and deserve our thanks for all of their hard work.  They also do their best to keep our streets clean, but this can be a hard task as some people irresponsibly drop their litter.  I remember when I was young the item I was most likely to see discarded were cigarette ends, then when the number of smokers reduced, it became plastic carrier bags, the introduction of a charge at supermarkets tackled this.  Now, it appears to be disposable face masks.  Please think of others when your mask reaches the end of its useful life and pop it in a bin instead of dropping it on the pavement for someone else to clear up.  If there is a street that you believe needs to be swept, this can be reported either via the Council website or by using the smartphone ‘report it’ app.

We are now entering the final week of ‘Beat the Street’, which ends on 4 November.  This has been a huge success and congratulations go to all involved in making this possible, especially Dr William Bird at Intelligent Health, who organised the event.  As it comes to a close, I have no doubt that it will have left many (myself included) much fitter.  The challenge now is to maintain this level of exercise!

Stay safe!

David Tutt

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