Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 28-Feb-22

It is frightening how quickly the world order can change.  Within the past week we have witnessed President Putin ordering the Russian troops which had been massing on the borders of the Ukraine to invade and control that territory.  We have seen on the news the reaction of the Ukrainian people to this action and how ordinary citizens, many of whom had never before held a weapon, are taking the brave stance of fighting to protect their country against a superpower.  This appears to have come as a surprise to Putin who is now issuing alarming threats which could have catastrophic consequences across the globe.   Our hearts go out to the people of the Ukraine who simply want to live in a peaceful, democratic environment where they have control over their own destiny. 

Here in Eastbourne we seek to join together with others in the western world in demonstrating our solidarity with the Ukraine.  As a mark of that solidarity we will be flying the Ukrainian flag over the Town Hall and are ready to play our part in supporting the refugee programme being coordinated by the UK Government.  We have also taken the decision to cancel the performance of the Russian State opera.  This was not a straightforward decision as the production is by a UK company who do not have any financial links with Russia and the artistes come not only from Russia but many other parts of the world including: the USA; Japan and the Ukraine.  We also appreciate that the production company and artistes are in no way responsible for the actions of the Russian government. However, it is imperative that we share our support and solidarity towards the people of the Ukraine at this difficult time.  We will of course be making full refunds available to those who have purchased tickets and hope that our patrons will understand why we have taken this decision.

A few weeks ago, I drew attention to the consultation that is being held by the NHS East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust who are currently considering making changes to the provision of cardiology services in Eastbourne and Hastings.  I believe that these services are of vital importance to our town.  The consultation ends on 11 March and I would encourage you to make your views known.  You can obtain a copy of the consultation paper by phoning 0300 131 4691 and then either complete a paper-based response and post it back in a pre-paid envelope or respond online at www.opinionresearch.co.uk/Cardiology   Thank you.

Stay safe!

David Tutt

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