Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 30-Nov-20

The Government announcement last week has placed Eastbourne, together with the rest of East Sussex into Tier 2, for Covid-19 restriction purposes. With only three areas of the country categorised as tier 1, there is clearly much turmoil in Parliament with many Conservative M.P.’s opposing the policies of their own Government.  The arguments surround  balancing health issues with those of the economy.  Personally, I have always believed that the actions taken to guard against the spread of Covid should be led by scientific evidence and this supports strict controls.  These will have an impact upon many businesses, especially in an area like Eastbourne which is based so heavily on the hospitality industry. So, hand in hand with the controls, I believe that greater Government support is needed for those businesses suffering as a result of these measures.

The rules surrounding Covid have been changing frequently and it seems likely that they may change again in the near future.  Many people have asked me about what they can and can’t do, both now and over Christmas.  I have read the Government guidelines and find some of them to be ambiguous, greater clarity is required if, the Government expects people to abide by them.

This week saw the launch of the Christmas Cracker raffle organised by the BID (Business Improvement District) team. They have collected over £2500 worth of prizes which one lucky person will win on Christmas Eve.  These include tickets to the pre-Wimbledon tennis at Devonshire Park, and £300 of shopping vouchers.  You can’t buy tickets for this raffle, but you can enter by simply spending £40 in our town centre and sending a copy of your receipt to [email protected] For those who prefer not to use the internet to do this, you can also take a copy of your receipts to the Welcome building or the Enterprise Shopping Centre.  Full details are available at www.eastbourneChristmas.com  This is a great way to support the town centre.  Simply eat or shop there and send in those receipts.

Another way to support local businesses, without even leaving home is to shop on the internet at 1EBN there are already four great local shops on this site.  You can purchase: clothes; flowers; soap; candles; bread and cakes.  With one simply checkout, the goods are delivered to your home the following day.  I have bought, Bread, Cinnamon Buns and Cookies and can tell you that they are great.

Stay safe!

David Tutt

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