Update on the Rerouting of the Loop Bus Service

Just prior to the lockdown Stagecoach buses made a decision to change the Loop bus route to take buses down Foxglove Road in Langney. Residents, many of whom have children, had drawn attention to the unsuitability of Foxglove Road because of the young children who play on the grassed area with no safety barriers, and the poor visibility owing to parked cars. 

Matthew Arnold who is the Commercial Director for Stagecoach South East, and Eastbourne Stagecoach Managers met local residents who raised other issues including:

  • Increased Congestion in Foxglove Road, including buses travelling in convoy!
  • Damage to the road and Vibrations that shudder houses with the potential to cause damage to homes
  • An inappropriately narrow road, especially with the large number of parked vehicles creating poor visibility
  • Likelihood of increased accidents and incidents
  • Increased pollution from exhaust fumes from heavy vehicles, and idling traffic

As we begin to move towards more normality Langney's councillors are re-visiting the issues around the changed bus service in Foxglove Road. Cllr Alan Shuttleworth has pressed for road repairs, and some have been done, but the team are still pressing for more action.

Alan said, "We have recorded our thanks to all bus drivers over recent months. It has been a challenging time for all bus operators and operatives. I know that we are all grateful that bus services have been maintained through successive Lockdowns.  Our councillors have carried out a survey of residents’ views on the changed bus route, and the issues around suitability of bus stops. We will continue to discuss options with residents, Stagecoach buses and East Sussex County Council."


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