Environmental Issues in Shinewater Park

Two Shinewater Park matters currently preoccupy your Langney Councillors - the recent park fire and the lack of dredging of its waterways... 

Park Fire

Our Langney councillors have condemned the arson attack on Shinewater Park. This behaviour is not only extremely dangerous but is also a severe threat to wildlife in the park.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, who is Chair of Shinewater and North Langney Partnership, has reaffirmed the good work that is going on in the park involving local groups, schools, the angling group, Friends of Shinewater Park, an ECO group called Blackberry Buzzard and local residents. Each group working hard to improve provision in this beautiful and natural watery environment.

Dredging & Flood Risk

Our councillors have contacted the Environment Agency about concerns relating to the upkeep of the waterways throughout Shinewater Park. One of the concerns that we have raised is to do with reductions in dredging and the amount of plastic pollution in the waterways. Councillor Alan Shuttleworth has been in contact with the Environment Agency throughout recent months to highlight the need for dredging work in Shinewater Park waterways to reduce the risk of flooding to nearby housing and streets. 

Shinewater & North Langney Partnership Developing Stronger Community Links

Over the past year there has been a lot of activity in developing the links between different local community groups. Organisations have come together to form a Partnership Group which includes the local schools, Lighthouse Health, Councillors, Sports and Community Centre, police, churches, youth organisations, voluntary groups, charities particularly around mental health provision, housing organisations and local residents.

The group is working with local schools on a number of projects and also supporting youth development work in the area. 

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth and Cllr Candy Vaughan are both members of Friends of Shinewater Park and are involved in a range of discussions about the park. Alan chairs the Partnership group, and says,

"we would like to bring more local residents into these groups. If you would like to join please get in touch."

Would you like to become a member of Friends of Shinewater Park or the Partnership?
Email Alan and Candy at [email protected]

Alan and Candy Tackle Litter Eyesores, Speeding & Footpath Repairs

Langney councillors' ongoing campaign to tackle speeding vehicles, road & pavement repairs and litter eyesores continues.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth and Cllr Candy Vaughan joined community volunteers and the Council's Neighbourhood First team on the latest community litter pick, which links to the commitment to make areas PlasticFree.

Traffic calming measures are needed in several key routes across Langney.  The Sevenoaks Traffic Calming Group remain committed to pressing for more effective works to tackle the problem of speeding in Sevenoaks Road. Chair of the group, Alan Shuttleworth said,

“We are convinced that it needs electronic warning signage to slow down the traffic. Vehicle Advisory Signage is the best solution as it would work as a deterrent and reminder for a significant number of drivers. East Sussex Council are still refusing these requests.”

Important footpath repairs and potholes in Langney's roads are continuously reported to East Sussex County Council. However, the council is controlled by Conservative county councillors and they refuse to change the criteria for resurfacing the worst areas of our footpaths and roads. As Cllr Candy Vaughan commented,

"We have arranged for the Highway Steward to visit, but often the response is “it doesn’t meet the criteria”. Cllr Shuttleworth raised the need for a change in the criteria at the latest County Council meeting."


Update on the Rerouting of the Loop Bus Service

Just prior to the lockdown Stagecoach buses made a decision to change the Loop bus route to take buses down Foxglove Road in Langney. Residents, many of whom have children, had drawn attention to the unsuitability of Foxglove Road because of the young children who play on the grassed area with no safety barriers, and the poor visibility owing to parked cars. 

Matthew Arnold who is the Commercial Director for Stagecoach South East, and Eastbourne Stagecoach Managers met local residents who raised other issues including:

  • Increased Congestion in Foxglove Road, including buses travelling in convoy!
  • Damage to the road and Vibrations that shudder houses with the potential to cause damage to homes
  • An inappropriately narrow road, especially with the large number of parked vehicles creating poor visibility
  • Likelihood of increased accidents and incidents
  • Increased pollution from exhaust fumes from heavy vehicles, and idling traffic

As we begin to move towards more normality Langney's councillors are re-visiting the issues around the changed bus service in Foxglove Road. Cllr Alan Shuttleworth has pressed for road repairs, and some have been done, but the team are still pressing for more action.

Alan said, "We have recorded our thanks to all bus drivers over recent months. It has been a challenging time for all bus operators and operatives. I know that we are all grateful that bus services have been maintained through successive Lockdowns.  Our councillors have carried out a survey of residents’ views on the changed bus route, and the issues around suitability of bus stops. We will continue to discuss options with residents, Stagecoach buses and East Sussex County Council."


Langney Lib Dems Fighting to Save our Green Spaces

Alan Shuttleworth opposed the building on Friday Street Farm and is fighting the proposals to build on Eastbourne Park, adjacent to Sevenoaks Road.

A private planning application has been lodged by S.E. Homes & Land Ltd for permission to build on the Eastbourne Park side of Sevenoaks Road. The application reference is 210196 and is for 15 semi-detached dwellings with 15 parking spaces on the western side of this busy road opposite Kingfisher Drive.

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth has written to all those properties closest to the development site and many have already put in objections. Alan’s reasons for refusal are:

  • its location on the edge of the flood plain which protects the area from flooding
  • the detrimental effect on the local habitats including many migratory birds
  • the impact on an already overcrowded and busy road, and its proximity to schools
  • the inadequate provision for parking within the plans
  • the impact on local services
  • the detrimental effect of climate change on increasing flood risk
  • the inadequacies in existing drainage and sewerage provision in the area
  • the dangerous nature of introducing a new access into this busy road

At the present time we are waiting to hear if Eastbourne Borough Council Planning Department will decide to turn down this development for the above reasons, and then it will not need to go to a Planning committee.

If it is required to go to a planning committee we will inform all those living closest to the development area so that they can continue to press for a refusal. Alan will continue to oppose the development at any Planning committee meeting.


Remembering Shirley Williams

The death of Shirley Williams is heartbreaking news for the whole Liberal Democrats party.

Since the sad news was announced, Liberal Democrat members and figures from public life have been remembering Shirley and paying tribute to her.

We've collected a few of those memories here.

You can also share your memories of Shirley and add your name to the book of condolence

Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby 1930-2021


Your Liberal Democrat Candidates for the Local Elections on 6th May


Your Lib Dem candidates for the upcoming East Sussex County Council elections and the Hampden Park & Sovereign by-elections.

Polling Stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, 6th May. Please check your polling card carefully as there may be changes to polling station locations owing to Covid measures in place this time. Please also choose your timing carefully as there is likely to be a one-in, one-out policy. Please feel free to take your own pencil! Masks are obligatory.

Thank you for supporting your Liberal Democrat candidates!

His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Today, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey has offered his condolences to the Queen and the Royal Family after the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

As a mark of respect for the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen and the Royal Family, the Liberal Democrats are suspending the local and national election campaign today.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Prince Philip dedicated his life to our country. We will always be grateful for his amazing service, not least the powerful legacy he leaves to millions of young people who have taken part in his unique Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.  

“His quiet and steadfast counsel and support of The Queen, is perhaps his greatest if unquantifiable contribution to our nation’s history.  

“At this sad time for millions, we should never forget Prince Philip was a much-loved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. So our thoughts must be with the whole Royal Family, but in particular with The Queen at this difficult time."

Ed Davey
Leader of the Liberal Democrats


Challenging Brighton & Hove Council On How They Treat Their Homeless

Last week, Peter Diplock County Councillor Candidate for Meads challenged Brighton & Hove City Council after they moved hundreds of homeless people to hotels in our town.

Peter said, "it was only because of the good work of Eastbourne Borough Council and their partners in the latter part of last year that we discovered this policy, as Brighton had not informed us. Worse, the support that these vulnerable people need (and which Brighton is resourced for), was not being provided."

As a direct result of Brighton’s policy, 17 people who were previously living in supported accommodation ended up sleeping rough on Eastbourne’s streets. I

Peter added, "I wanted to make sure these vulnerable people had the support they deserved. Green-run Brighton council have received over £6m from the government specifically to tackle homelessness in the city (more than Manchester and Birmingham). I also wanted to make sure Brighton worked quickly to return people to their own support networks and connections within their own city. I am pleased to report that following questions from myself, colleagues, and the Borough’s intervention, homeless placements here from Brighton have fallen from 350 to around 150 - still too high, but moving in the right direction. Eastbourne works hard to tackle homelessness, and I am proud we are such a caring town. But that’s no excuse for Brighton to take government money and shirk their responsibilities."


Action to Tackle Speeding and Anti-social Driving

Another sunny weekend recently brought more noise and disruption to Meads residents with antisocial driving and speeding cars causing danger and nuisance. This remains an issue along the seafront and in Meads village.

Your councillor candidate Peter Diplock says, "I have spoken with local police, explained the issues faced by residents, and have requested increased patrols, particularly along the seafront and around the Beachy Head car parks. I will present a case to East Sussex County Council asking for speed reduction measures to be introduced in key areas. In the meantime, I ask that you report these things whenever they happen as this will help with building that case."

You can report online to Sussex Police or on weekends between 6pm and midnight to local ASB patrols on 07785 372050.

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