Funding to Support Old Town

Old Town Councillors have been very happy to fund projects and work at two Old Town landmarks. 

The Old Town Community Centre on Central Avenue received £450 to help fund Covid-related safety measures, ensuring they could once again provide facilities to the wide range of community groups that use this fantastic resource.  If you wish to make a booking to use the Community Centre, contact [email protected]

Funding was also made available for educational signs and activity sessions to support the re-wilding of the churchyard at St Mary's Church. Since the project started, extremely rare orchids have been identified, and native flower seeds re-established. 

Councillor Jonathan Dow said,

"It's wonderful to be able to support these really local schemes and groups, and the relatively small amounts of money go a long way."


Councillor John Ungar says "Thank you"

Good News! In the May local elections Old Town residents voted for our local, hard-working, Lib Dem County Councillor John Ungar.  John saw off the Tory challenge and had a good winning majority. As well as being the Old Town East Sussex County Councillor, John is also the Lib Dem's spokesperson for Social Care, an area in which the County and government continue to let us down.

Cllr John Ungar said,

"I feel honoured to have received such a large number of votes. I see the vote as a confirmation that local residents want me to put their priorities first. During these difficult times with money so short it is all the more important that East Sussex County Council provide good value for money services and meet the needs of local residents. I will continue working hard for Old Town, and persuading County to put people first."


Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 9-Aug-21

With the Covid restrictions lifted, it has felt great to be able to attend events again, to mix with others and give family and friends a hug for the first time in over a year.  I have however been keeping an eye on the number of new infections and whilst Eastbourne remains at the lower end of the national scale, there were over 200 new cases in the past week. This is approximately 1 in every 500 of us in the town and is twice the rate that it was just 7 days earlier.  The vaccination programme has clearly made a big difference, but people are still being hospitalised, including some who have been double jabbed.  It is therefore important to remember that Covid remains a killer virus despite the lifting of restrictions, so we clearly need to remain cautious. 

A week ago, I wrote about my sadness at having failed to persuade East Sussex County Council to revise their carbon neutrality target down from 2050 to 2030.  I make no apology for returning to this subject, as in just the past few days an alarming new United Nations report argues that global warming could make parts of the world uninhabitable. In a week that has seen fresh flooding in parts of the UK and uncontrollable fires on Greek islands, the report makes sober reading.  It makes it clear that climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying. The analysis also makes it clear that it is our actions which have caused this situation.   The report states that whatever we do, sea levels will continue to rise, which is a major concern for anyone living near to the coast.   It does however offer hope that if we act now there is still an opportunity to reduce the effects of change. 

Given the seriousness of the situation and the scientifically calculated predictions of the impact of climate change, you might question why politicians appear to be so reluctant to take urgent action.  I believe that the answer to this is simple. To do so will be costly and will involve many unpopular decisions.  But in the words of Alok Sharma, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office with responsibility for the COP26 conference later this year “the cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action”.  Now is the time for governments at all levels across the globe to act.  I will continue to take that message to County Hall.

Stay safe!

David Tutt

Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 2-Aug-21

At a recent Council meeting, both Liberal Democrat and Conservative Councillors took the opportunity to criticise the Government’s Planning Bill.  Although they used different language the messages were clear: this proposed law is bad news for the future development of all areas and needs to change.  Personally, I am not a great fan of much of the current planning legislation, especially the fact that appeals are determined by a Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol and not by local people familiar with the area.  I believe that these new proposals would effectively remove a large proportion of local decision making and allow many plans to go ahead unchallenged.  The contributions that developers are currently obliged to pay towards local infrastructure projects will also be taken away from local Councils.  The representations made by Councillors in Eastbourne complement those made by Councillors of all political colours across the country.  Consultation on the “Planning for the Future” White Paper closes in October.  I just hope that the Government listens to the concerns that are being voiced by local communities and scraps many of their proposals.

I have previously mentioned that I was calling upon East Sussex County Council to amend their “Climate Emergency” plans by revising the carbon neutrality target from 2050 to 2030, which would bring them in line with: Eastbourne; Hastings; Rother and Lewes Councils.  Whilst my request was supported by Liberal Democrat; Green; Independent and most Labour Councillors, it was rejected by the Conservatives who hold the majority at County Hall.  As we have seen from recent events around the world such as floods in China and Western Europe and fires in Turkey and America, climate change is a reality.  If we do not take action now, we will be failing future generations.

On Sunday 15th August, a new event will enter the Eastbourne calendar in the form of the Eastbourne Run Festival.  This family friendly event will feature a variety of different distances, providing an event for runners of all abilities.  If you would prefer to watch rather than take part, the start and finish lines will be at the Western Lawns on the seafront, where there will be music and family entertainment to enjoy.

Stay safe and have a good summer!

David Tutt

Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 26-Jul-21

With Covid rules still susceptible to change and the status of countries constantly changing in terms of the need to quarantine, many people are looking forward to a “staycation” this year.  Fortunately, those of us who live in and around Eastbourne, do not need to travel to enjoy summer as we have so much on our own doorstep.  From walks on the South Downs to days on the beach; golf; tennis or a cultural visit to Towner Eastbourne, there is plenty to do.  As a tourist town there is not only entertainment but also a wide range of good restaurants and pubs to visit for food and drink. For those who crave some retail therapy, the Beacon has many big-name stores, whilst Little Chelsea, the Enterprise Centre and Terminus Road have some excellent independent traders. With so much on offer locally and with the added relief of avoiding the stress of travelling, I for one will be holidaying at home this year.

After 18 months of various Covid restrictions I am sure that we could all do with a laugh and a bit of fun. Thankfully, this is available at The Congress Theatre this coming week in the form of “Magic Goes Wrong”.  I saw this show in the West End just before the first lockdown and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a mix of comedy, as would be spectacular tricks, go disastrously wrong, combined with some genuine magic tricks which left me questioning how they did them.  This entertaining show promises a good night out.

The summer holidays can be an expensive time for families as they attempt to find ways of entertaining the children during the long break.  With the warm weather here, you could do a lot worse than catch some free, traditional seaside entertainment, in the form of the Punch and Judy show on the Wish Tower slopes.  Performed by Eastbourne’s own Ray and Jacqui Sparkes, the show returns for the 30th year.  Performances take place at 12.30 and 2pm, every Tuesday and Thursday until the 31st August.  “That’s the way to do it!”.

Stay safe and have an enjoyable summer!

David Tutt


Conservatives Accuse Lib Dems of "Hypocritical Shroud Waving" at County Hall

Cllr Keith Glazier, Leader of East Sussex County Council, wrote off a Liberal Democrat proposal to bring forward the council’s target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 instead of 2050 as “hypocritical shroud waving”.

In a heated debate, Conservative councillors angrily denounced Liberal Democrat arguments that the Council needed to make a plan of action to deliver on a carbon neutrality target of 2030 and should include an environmental assessment on every council report.

Cllr David Tutt, Leader Lib Dem Group, (pictured here) comments:

“The reaction of the Conservative administration to this frankly very reasonable proposal was extraordinary. The clue is in the word emergency.  We need to take action now.  The Conservatives are happy to talk about introducing stretch targets in other areas of work but are clearly not willing to do so to help tackle the biggest global emergency facing us all.  At the current rate of progress, the County Council will fail to reach the targets it has set even by 2050.  The events of the last few weeks in Germany and the United States have shown the impact of climate change on parts of the western world let alone what is happening elsewhere. We cannot simply ignore these catastrophic events.  We need to show ambition and leadership.”

* * *

For further information about this County Council challenge:

Cllr David Tutt  [email protected]


Lib Dems Call for Investment in County Council Services

East Sussex County Council has an £8.5 million underspend in its budget due to Covid.  Liberal Democrat councillors are calling for £2.5 million of this to be invested in services.  Councillor Colin Swansborough explains:

“We are calling for investment in a number of services including grant funding for the voluntary sector, mental health support for Adult Social Care, business resilience and recovery and a range of support for schools.  In addition, we are calling again for re-consideration of our budget proposals to make repairs to our pavements and to accelerate the County Council’s climate change plan, both of which were turned down by the Conservatives.”


Councillor David Tutt, group leader for the Liberal Democrats adds:

“We have a one-off opportunity to carry out prevention measures which will put some vital investment back into our local communities, including some of the most vulnerable people in our society who have been hardest hit by Covid and the repeated lockdowns. We need to take every opportunity to repair at least some of the damage of the last decade and to give our residents the services they deserve”.

Potential investment areas proposed by the Liberal Democrats:

Training and information on respite services                              £150,000

Grant fund to support voluntary sector resilience                       £250,000

Adult Social Care mental health support                                    £250,000

Business resilience and recovery                                               £150,000

Child mental health assessment and impact                               £250,000

Additional SEND support for schools                                          £250,000

Increased advice and support to primary schools                        £250,000

Additional repairs to pavements                                                £250,000

Acceleration of climate emergency plan                                      £250,000

TOTAL INVESTMENT                                                           £2, 050,000


Your Lib Dem County Councillors working for you:                                                                  

Cllr Colin Swansborough  [email protected]

Cllr David Tutt  [email protected]


Lib Dem Councillors Succeed In Opening Scrutiny Meetings To Public View

Liberal Democrat County Councillor John Ungar has succeeded in forcing the Conservative administration who run East Sussex County Council to webcast scrutiny meetings.  Cllr Ungar explains:

“As Liberal Democrat councillors we believe that we are accountable to the public.  Scrutiny meetings are an opportunity to review council policy and services.  This is a cross-party opportunity to take an in-depth look at areas of concern raised either by councillors or by members of the public if issues are clearly wide-spread across the county.

They can act as a positive opportunity to improve our services as well as to challenge where appropriate and to hold the Cabinet decision makers to account.”

Cllr David Tutt, leader of the Liberal Democrat group adds:

“We were astonished when we first proposed this last year that the Conservatives turned it down.  We live in a democracy and we should all be accountable to our residents for the decisions we take on their behalf.  It is sad that the Conservatives have been forced into this climb down by Covid where the many virtual meetings that have been held have made it impossible for them to refuse this very reasonable request which is in the interest of good governance”.

Details of Scrutiny Committees

For further information on this matter:

Cllr John Ungar

Phone:  01323 726322

Email:  [email protected]


Cllr David Tutt  [email protected]


Conservatives Write-off 20 mph Proposals as Petty Politics

Conservative councillors unanimously rejected Lib Dem Cllr Sarah Osborne’s proposal to adopt a default 20 mph speed in residential areas with appropriate exceptions with claims that although they supported 20 mph zones in principle this proposal would infringe civil liberties.

County Cllr Sarah Osborne says:
“I find the attitude of the Conservatives, both locally and nationally, incredible. The Conservative government recently signed the Stockholm Declaration with 130 other nations, agreeing on a default 20 mph limit wherever cyclists and pedestrians mix with motor vehicles. Yet when we suggest implementing this locally in East Sussex, where we have one of the highest killed and seriously injured statistics in the country, the best the Conservative councillors can do is to accuse us of petty politics and reject the proposal outright.
In addition, they are also missing an opportunity to invest to save. According to the charity 20s Plenty, by implementing 20 mph on most 30 mph roads in East Sussex for a one-off cost of £2.2 million we would save 149 casualties and £10.1 million in each year. Why would we not want to do this?”.

County Cllr Kathryn Field, Deputy Leader of the Lib Dems, adds:
“The Conservatives say that accidents are down to driver behaviour despite the fact that we know our roads are unsafe and that they could be improved very simply and cost effectively by the introduction of a 20 mph limit as the norm.
The Conservative Lead Member talks about changing driver behaviour but so far, has come up with no concrete suggestions about how to do this. Adopting a default 20 mph speed limit would do exactly that by building habits that would reform and change driver behaviour, just as we now accept that it is dangerous to drink and drive or to not wear a seatbelt.
It’s time the Conservatives faced up to their responsibilities.”

Your East Sussex County Councillors


East Sussex Highways at Last Monitoring the Work of Fibre Companies

The government has committed to bringing gigabit-capable broadband to every home by the end of 2025.  By the end of this year, these gigabit speeds are expected to reach over 60% of homes, thanks in part to the rapid deployment of fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) networks.

The good news…  super fast, full fibre broadband has come to Upperton.

The not-so-good news…  the installation by the firms installing it has caused many problems, including poor reinstatement works, damage to other services and traffic/parking problems.

In Eastbourne we currently have two companies installing FTTP networks – City Fibre and Lightning Fibre.  City Fibre is a large, national firm and Lightning Fibre is a local firm, based in Eastbourne.

Your Upperton Ward Councillors team have spent many hours working on your behalf and were involved with all parties from the start - local residents, the fibre companies, and East Sussex Highways. East Sussex Highways Permit issue the licences, challenge poor reinstatement of works and damage to other services, and handle problems with access and traffic. 

As a result, East Sussex Highways Permit Inspectors carry out inspections on all active work areas up to three times per day.  Both companies have had sanctions imposed and are currently working under severe restrictions, including a temporary hold on further excavations, until previous unsatisfactory reinstatement works have been completed to the complete satisfaction of ESCC Highways Inspectors.  In future, the fibre companies will only work in small areas which must be complete before they can move on.

Upperton Ward Councillors will continue to monitor these installations and any others that may follow.  Please continue to contact us with your concerns or complaints and we will take these up with both the East Sussex Highways Permit Inspectors and the fibre companies.

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