Langney Councillors Win Post Office Campaign


The new post office for Langney Shopping Centre is close to opening. Following months of campaigning we are please to be able to celebrate good news for Langney.

Since the closure of the Post Office, Councillor Alan Shuttleworth has worked with the Langney Shopping Centre owners and management and the Post Office to bring it back.


Councillor Alan Shuttleworth with Anna Hooper and Stephen Lloyd presenting the petition to the Post Office representative.

Alan said, “This has been a tortuous wait and we have also seen Barclays Bank closing, but I am pleased that we have finally achieved a new post office for the Centre. Thank you to Anna and all who signed the petition. We wish the post office a long and successful future.

Cllr Candy Vaughan said, “Please support the post office. We need to use it to keep it!”

The Langney Focus Team wish Sholeh and Paul the best of luck in running the new Post Office.

New Tree Planted in Langney as part of Climate Change Programme


As part of Eastbourne Carbon Neutral 2030 campaign, the Langney Lib Dem team are supporting the programme to plant more trees. This will include working with the Forestry Commission and a grant for planting in Sevenoaks Road Recreation Ground as well as around the street scene.

Cllr Candy Vaughan helped with planting new trees in Foxglove Road, funded from the Langney Councillors’ devolved budget.

Langney's Magnificent Response to the COVID-19 Challenge


Councillor Candy Vaughan pictured by one of the rainbows at West Rise School.

The Langney community has really pulled together to help those at most risk through this crisis. Community groups, schools and so many good neighbours have stepped up to help others.

Langney councillors joined the Eastbourne Together Community Call Centre and contacted over 500 residents across Langney, and assisted with deliveries of food and computers to some homes.

As Alan said, “This has been the saddest and the hardest challenge in my lifetime but the community response has been amazing. Community groups, churches and schools have worked so hard to give support.”

Josh Babarinde, who coordinated the Community Call Centre, said: "Seeing our community step up to support the most vulnerable is nothing short of inspiring. The local Lib Dems are proud to have been able to play our part to support thousands of elderly residents via telephone calls and more during this challenging time."

Victory for the Environment - Friday Street Farm Proposals Refused


Congratulations and thank you to the many people who objected to the development proposals for Friday Street Farm, off Pennine Way. Thanks to a massive “write in” campaign spearheaded by Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, the Wealden Planning committee turned down the plans.

As Alan said, “This was the first large development on the green belt to be turned down. We did it by winning the argument with the planners. The existing flooding problems alone, let alone the proximity to the Pevensey Levels Site of Special Scientific Interest, coupled with existing traffic congestion and air quality issues won the day. Thank  you for all your efforts.”

Cllr Harun Miah said: “This was a victory for the people and the environment.”

He added: “It is important that the views of local residents are taken onboard in planning matters.”

Cllr Candy Vaughan said, “There is a real concern about the existing flooding issues in this area.”

Wates Developments have submitted a revised application to build on Friday Street Farm (WD/2020/1391/MAO). We are organising a campaign to stop this building over the green belt and will keep you informed of updates in this campaign.

Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


You may have noticed that the picturesque Carpet Gardens, which form the centrepiece of our Victorian seafront are not up to their normal splendid standards this year.  This is a sad consequence of the Covid lockdown.  Each year the Council uses around 45,000 bedding plants to create this magnificent display.  As the growing of plants was considered non-essential under government guidance, suppliers sent many of their staff home and are therefore unable to supply us this year.  I hope that things will be back to normal for 2021.

With theatres around the country still closed, I have been asked whether the Christmas panto will still take place this year.  The simple answer is that whilst we have not yet reached a final decision, with the considerable level of uncertainty that exists around the future need for social distancing, the chances of staging any major production this year are diminishing.

Good news for those who love to read.  The County Council have announced that Eastbourne Central library will reopen on the 13th of July.  Better still, you can borrow up to 20 books and they will not need to be returned until the end of September.

The local Covid-19 group of: Council reps; Business and Voluntary organisations, the Police and Health continue to meet on a regular basis.  At our meeting last week, we were discussing the further relaxation of the lockdown.  Whilst we are of course pleased that many businesses are able to reopen and that we are once again able to meet friends and family that we have not seen for a long time, we wish to stress the importance of sticking to the distancing rules, continuing to wash hands or use hand sanitiser regularly and wear face masks on public transport and in shops. I am sure that nobody wants to return to a full lockdown, so let’s be vigilant and beat this disease.

Stay safe!





Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


The further relaxation of the lockdown measures which come into force this week will bring some welcome relief to many businesses.  Many of those which are currently closed will reopen on the 4th July, including: pubs, restaurants and hairdressers.  The past few months have been really tough for most businesses and I fear that many may fold, resulting in the loss of a large number of jobs.  I believe that it was right to put health first, we know that the risks of catching CV-19 are not over yet, as evidenced by the spike in cases in Leicester, which has taken that city back into another 14 days of lockdown.  So, whilst I am sure that we will do what we can to support our local businesses, it remains important to be careful and continue to observe the Government guidelines.   I have been very impressed by the quality standard scheme, supported by Trading Standards, that our local businesses have been developing and which should soon appear in the windows of those that have self-assessed to be taking all necessary precautions, to avoid transmission of the disease.  The Council will be supporting this, as it will help to give confidence about where it is safe to shop.

I am far less impressed by the decision of the County Council to introduce large increases in parking charges this week.  It is so important that Councils do what they can to assist the recovery of our local economy, so I would urge them to rethink and at least delay these increases, until businesses have had the chance to get back on their feet.

Sadly, it looks like the scammers are still around.  I was contacted by a local resident this week who told me that she had an unsolicited phone call, from someone claiming to be from an energy and loft insulation company, in Oxfordshire.  They asked questions about her home and told her that she needs work done to the roof, in order to prevent dampness.  Having then asked if she was the person who made decisions relating to the property, asked if they could call around on Monday. Fortunately, she refused to let them, as she was certain that this was a scam.  I find it sickening that there are those who seek to prey on the elderly and vulnerable in our community.  The simple message is, if anyone you don’t know calls and tries to sell you something, send them packing!

Stay safe.



Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


During what is proving to be a lovely, sunny summer, it feels good to be able to go out again.  After months of being virtually confined to home, there is now a feeling of freedom, linked to the excitement of being able to meet-up with family and friends once again.  This does not of course mean that the danger posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  We know that there are still over a thousand new cases reported in the UK each day and that, at best we have so far only reduced the speed at which it is spread.  With this in mind I had planned to devote my column this week to the importance of Test and Trace, but I must confess that I am confused.

When the Government announced the plan for Test and Trace, there was going to be an app that they wanted us to download to our mobile phones.  This would help to identify the recent contacts of those who had caught CV19.  I seem to remember that this was due to be ready by mid-May.  Indeed, it made sense to me to have this in place before the lockdown was relaxed.

May came and went.  There had been trials on the Isle of Wight, but the outcome of those was vague.  Then on Thursday 18th June, despite having spent a reported £11m on this app, Matt Hancock announced that this was being abandoned in favour of systems developed by Apple and Google, but that no date has been set for the rollout.  This worries me, especially as the number of CV19 related deaths recorded daily, is greater now than it was when we went into lockdown.  So, whilst we enjoy our new found freedom, it is vitally important that we do so with caution.  We must continue to maintain our distance and if we develop symptoms, self-isolate immediately, book a test at or call 119.  If the test proves positive, all members of the household will then need to self-isolate. 

It is only by remaining vigilant that we will have a chance of beating this deadly virus.

Stay safe!


David Tutt

Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt


For the past three months, whilst a large proportion of the population has been in lockdown, one of the services which has continued not only to operate, but to do so to a very high standard, is refuse collection.  I am sure that the whole town would like to record their thanks, to those who have kept our bins emptied during this period.  This service, which returned to Council ownership just a year ago has recorded very high standards of performance.  The very low number of bins missed compares favourably with anywhere else in the country.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Following the devastating fire at the Claremont hotel at the end of last year, the roads around the area were closed and all traffic was diverted.  This was for safety reasons whilst demolition work was conducted, insurance assessments completed and adjoining property secured.  Thankfully, this work is now nearly at the end and it is hoped that Grand Parade will be able to reopen on Monday 22nd June.

Several people have contacted me to ask when the public toilets will be reopened.  The Council is keen that this should take place as soon as possible, but only when we can ensure that we have proper infection control in place.  At present, this means an attendant in order to conduct frequent cleaning, as we have in place at the toilets for those with a disability on the seafront.  To do less would risk spreading the CV-19 virus and put lives at risk.

I am pleased that the Government reconsidered the speed at which schools are welcoming the return of more pupils.  I believe that they need time to test the plans that they have put in place to provide for social distancing.  My understanding is that overall, in East Sussex, around 40% of those children who were eligible to return to school on Monday did so.  Clearly many parents are reserving judgement over whether the lower numbers of Covid cases being reported can be sustained.


Stay safe.


David Tutt

Eastbourne Lib Dems scoop national award for helping the vulnerable

key_halloffame.jpg#EBtogether, the Eastbourne and Willingdon Lib Dems' response to coronavirus, has won the award for being best telephone drive in the UK during the lockdown - and a place in the Liberal Democrat Community Champions Hall of Fame.

The Liberal Democrat Community Champions Hall of Fame initiative has been launched by Sir Stuart Etherington, the former Chief executive of the National Council for Voluntary Organisation and Chair of the Liberal Democrat Coronavirus Community Taskforce.

As well as helping people with basic supplies, the EBtogether have been doing a range of work from sharing best practice and ideas to organising volunteers to call over 5,000 people across Eastbourne to offer assistance.

EBtogether Co-ordinator Josh Babarinde said:

“With the Coronavirus crisis leaving the most vulnerable in our town at risk, it is critical people receive the support they need. That’s why we've been working flat-out to ensure no one is left behind across Eastbourne.

“We're so proud to have won this national award for our work - but even prouder to have helped thousands of people facing hardship. We would encourage everyone to help in whatever way they can during this difficult time.”

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“I have been amazed by the energy, commitment and creativity shown by members of the Lib Dem community during the crisis. I am so proud of people like the #EBtogether team who have worked tirelessly to help vulnerable residents and fight for the best possible support for people facing hardship.”

Chair of the Coronavirus Community Taskforce, Sir Stuart Etherington, said:

"It is critical that vulnerable people in our communities receive the support they need. It will be communities themselves that have to respond to take the pressure off our excellent but hard-pressed statutory services. I look forward to continuing to work with the #EBtogether team and others as we do out bit to slow the spread of coronavirus, prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed and save thousands of lives.”

More information here:

5,000 residents contacted during lockdown!

At the beginning of the lockdown, the Liberal Democrats launched the #EBtogether Community Call Centre - our telephone drive to call vulnerable Eastbournians and signpost them to the support they need.

Thanks to the passion, commitment and determination of our team of 40+ volunteers, we hit our target of contacting 5,000 residents across town!

We were joined by leading Lib Dem MP and leadership candidate Layla Moran, who Zoomed down from Westminster to thank the team (each and every volunteer by name!) for these efforts.


Layla said: "Thank you to the Eastbourne Liberal Democrats for all your hard work! You are absolutely demonstrating best practice. It is incredible!"

#EBtogether Co-ordinator Josh Babarinde said: "Our fantastic volunteers have been calling residents day-in, day-out since the start of lockdown, connecting them with support getting groceries, medication and more. Thank you to each and every one of them. I'm so proud that what we've achieved as a team - and it's fantastic to be able to share news of our work with Layla Moran MP."

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