Langney Lib Dem Councillors Join Josh Babarinde, Eastbourne's Parliamentary Spokesperson in Saving the DGH

Eastbourne was promised a new hospital in the 2019 general election by our Conservative MP. Health bosses are now consulting on moving more core services - Cardiology - to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.

Langney councillors join with Josh Babarinde OBE, Eastbourne & Willingdon's Parliamentary Spokesperson in challenging this proposal.

Josh Babarinde OBE said,

"We've already lost 24/7 children's services and maternity services and a town of Eastbourne's size needs a full range of essential services including cardiology.

"As a member of the 'Save the DGH' campaign, I join Langney's councillors in condemning these proposed changes from the health trust and call upon all residents to make their views known. Please register your views at East Sussex Health Trust this week."

Tory Run East Sussex County Council Roads & Footpaths and Road Safety Record Is Not Good Enough!

From potholes to pavement trips East Sussex County Council Highways is failing to deal with the problem. Too often requests are either refused, or temporary fixes mean the holes reappear.  In Langney, there are too many road & pavement issues added to too many refusals to agree to basic road safety measures - even where the solutions are obvious to local residents.

Above, in Sevenoaks Road, residents have asked for measures to slow the traffic as the road is used as a rat-run. East Sussex County Council Highways has turned down all requests to change the character of the road, with the exception of writing SLOW on the road surface. Even a request for a Visual Activated Sign to warn traffic was refused. Despite the presence of 2 schools, a play park and recreation ground. A request for a crossing to the play park was refused because "the traffic speed is above the speed limit and goes too fast!”

Requests for introducing more 20mph zones around schools have also been turned down.

Pennine Way: Throughout the campaign to stop the building on Friday Street Farm off Pennine Way East Sussex County Highways refused to accept that there are existing problems with traffic congestion leaving Pennine Way and across Friday Street, Willingdon Drove. Promises to improve the junction at Stone Cross/Lion Hill/Hailsham Road junction have been ignored.

East Sussex Tory-run County Council needs to listen more to local people.


If you need to contact your local councillors please email or phone:

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth  01323 728253    [email protected]

Cllr Candy Vaughan      01323 655732    [email protected]

Cllr Harun Miah            01323 766495    [email protected]

Langney Lib Dem Councillors Help To Organise Fun Days

The Shinewater & North Langney Partnership is growing in strength. The Partnership includes over 20 organisations including local schools, churches, sports, voluntary organisations, Councils, youth, health, park groups, police, community library and ECO groups. Local residents are welcome to join the group.

Some of the  areas covered by the group’s Action Plan:

  • Community engagement and participation. Planning future events and consultation activities following successful Fun Day last summer and the Commonplace Survey;
  • 2022 Fun Day proposed date Saturday July 2nd contact Cllr Candy Vaughan if you would like to help with planning;
  • Youth engagement including working with YMCA and local schools to develop more opportunities for young people. We welcome youngsters who want to join;
  • Community Spaces. Maximising the use of local spaces (indoor and out) for local groups. Promoting new start-up groups. There is a fund for potential new groups;
  • Local Environment and Climate Change InitiativesCarbon Neutral 2030 initiatives;
  • Working with PlasticFreeEastbourne initiatives:
    • Spring Water Festival   13th – 22nd May  - range of activities includes New Refill stations
    • Treebourne tree planting in the community project
  • Shinewater Park and Sevenoaks Recreation Ground and Community Gardens
    • New Shinewater Angling Group and environmental and community events
    • Updates on Tree project, and Community Garden plans        .

If you are interested in joining the Partnership Group, Contact Cllr Alan Shuttleworth Chair of the Partnership for more information: [email protected]




Langney Road Safety Concerns

Langney Shopping Centre exit to Langney Rise

Langney County Councillor, Alan Shuttleworth, is supporting a request from Langney Shopping Centre that East Sussex County Council consider imposing a NO RIGHT TURN out of Langney Shopping Centre into Langney Rise. Vehicles who wish to turn right would have a very short distance to the roundabout and could then proceed down the southwards carriageway.

Councillor Shuttleworth said,

“There have been accidents and near misses at this location as drivers get frustrated by the long wait and take unnecessary risks. I would support this change as it would not only make the situation safer during busy periods and would reduce the queuing to leave the Shopping Centre as vehicles would turn left as soon as a gap in traffic appears.”

Cllr Harun Miah said,

“This request could stop accidents and reduce the long queues and is worth considering. A No Right Turn sign would help reduce congestion and would be much safer.”

Lib Dem Parliamentary spokesperson, Josh Babarinde commented,

“Queuing congestion also leads to more air pollution. It makes sense to ask the County Council Road Safety team to look at this issue.”

Councillor Shuttleworth is seeking a site meeting with East Sussex County Council Highways and Road Safety officers with the Langney Shopping Centre management team to consider this suggestion. He added,

“I would welcome any thoughts from shoppers and residents on this suggestion via my councillor email address.”

Email:  [email protected]

Ongoing Road Safety Campaigns

Our Langney Lib Dem team are continuing to press for further road safety improvements in a number of other locations across Langney.

As Cllr Candy Vaughan commented,

“Please get in touch if you have ideas or requests which you would like us to investigate.”

Send your comments, ideas and requests to:

Councillor.v[email protected]

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, Josh Babarinde Lib Dem Parliament PPC, Cllr Candy Vaughan & Cllr Harun Miah Working All Year Round

The Langney Lib Dem team deal with problems raised by local residents every day, and are pleased to follow up any concerns or issues. Over recent months they have dealt with hundreds of individual matters. They have also led campaigns for road safety improvements across Langney, such as the new crossing in Friday Street. The have supported residents on planning issues – fighting to protect Eastbourne Park from development along Sevenoaks Road and Larkspur Drive, and supporting residents in trying to stop building on the green belt on our borders.

The team are working with disability campaigners to gain improvements in toilet provision at Langney Shopping Centre and new dropped kerbs in our area. They have led campaigns for improvements across Langney including the Post Office in the Centre, and worked with local schools to obtain improvements.

With Alan’s leadership and a brilliant team of volunteers we now have a volunteer-led library. Our team have also led the campaign for community defibrillators across the area. The team work with other organisations to support community events and activities in the parks and the carnival.

Josh Babarinde organised the Eastbourne Together team throughout the Covid-19 Lockdown, making hundreds of phone calls and supporting people in their homes. He is also a trained volunteer vaccinator who has vaccinated hundreds of local people.

In summary, the Langney Lib Dem team work all year round to help people in our community and to show leadership on community campaigns.

Update from Eastbourne Borough Council Leader David Tutt on 28-Feb-22

It is frightening how quickly the world order can change.  Within the past week we have witnessed President Putin ordering the Russian troops which had been massing on the borders of the Ukraine to invade and control that territory.  We have seen on the news the reaction of the Ukrainian people to this action and how ordinary citizens, many of whom had never before held a weapon, are taking the brave stance of fighting to protect their country against a superpower.  This appears to have come as a surprise to Putin who is now issuing alarming threats which could have catastrophic consequences across the globe.   Our hearts go out to the people of the Ukraine who simply want to live in a peaceful, democratic environment where they have control over their own destiny. 

Here in Eastbourne we seek to join together with others in the western world in demonstrating our solidarity with the Ukraine.  As a mark of that solidarity we will be flying the Ukrainian flag over the Town Hall and are ready to play our part in supporting the refugee programme being coordinated by the UK Government.  We have also taken the decision to cancel the performance of the Russian State opera.  This was not a straightforward decision as the production is by a UK company who do not have any financial links with Russia and the artistes come not only from Russia but many other parts of the world including: the USA; Japan and the Ukraine.  We also appreciate that the production company and artistes are in no way responsible for the actions of the Russian government. However, it is imperative that we share our support and solidarity towards the people of the Ukraine at this difficult time.  We will of course be making full refunds available to those who have purchased tickets and hope that our patrons will understand why we have taken this decision.

A few weeks ago, I drew attention to the consultation that is being held by the NHS East Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group and East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust who are currently considering making changes to the provision of cardiology services in Eastbourne and Hastings.  I believe that these services are of vital importance to our town.  The consultation ends on 11 March and I would encourage you to make your views known.  You can obtain a copy of the consultation paper by phoning 0300 131 4691 and then either complete a paper-based response and post it back in a pre-paid envelope or respond online at   Thank you.

Stay safe!

David Tutt

Support Available for Impact of Rising Cost of Living

Many residents in Upperton are struggling with the rising costs of living.

A list has been put together of support available from the council, government and local partners, for anyone impacted by the rising cost of living and energy prices in particular.

It can be found at the website link below

A printable version, which includes phone numbers for many of the organisations listed can also be provided on request.

Further support will be added as it becomes available.

Community Fridge for Upperton

There has been much interest shown in setting up a community fridge in Upperton. A Community Fridge is a social space that brings people together to eat, connect, learn new skills and reduce food waste. There have already been community fridges set up in Langney, Old Town and Seaside, and Emmanuel Church are investigating the possibility of hosting the Upperton Fridge when their new premises are built on Upperton Road.

This is a new project and we welcome ideas and ways to support the church going forward in their investigations into what this entails. The organisers of Langney and Old Town fridges are being very helpful and we would appreciate your views.

Dr Kathy Ballard said,

“This is such a simple, yet great, idea. Local shops supply the produce, and it gives another option for those who might be struggling to make their shopping budget stretch from week to week.”

Cuts to Universal Credit plus an increase in your National Insurance payments and soaring energy prices have created a double whammy for many working families here in Upperton. Many people in work also receive Universal Credit. The changes from PM Johnson and the Conservative government mean that some working families will be hundreds of pounds worse off every year.

Johnson promised not to raise taxes at the last election. Who do Johnson and his government really represent? Certainly not working families.

The Upperton Fridge will follow the Community Fridge model used by Lib Dem Cllr Helen Burton in Langney and elsewhere.

Multi-million Pound Water Company Calls in Portable Generator as Sewage Pours Into Sea Around Eastbourne

The Liberal Democrat Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council has condemned Southern Water for allowing hundreds of tonnes of raw sewage to flow into the sea and described their response as ‘disgraceful’.

The raw sewage discharge started on Saturday (February 5) evening following an electrical fault, but with no back up system in place the multi-million pound water company had to wait for a portable generator to arrive at the site.  The treatment works wasn’t fully operational again until Monday, meaning the untreated sewage continued to pour into the sea for nearly two days.

Councillor David Tutt, Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council, said:

“Yet another raw sewage disaster courtesy of Southern Water and this time it’s in Eastbourne.

“I am absolutely furious that they don’t have a generator on site all the time, instead they have to wait for one to arrive while raw sewage is flooding into the sea.

“They can’t use their decaying Victorian infrastructure excuse this time, the water treatment works was built in 1997 and yet the response to an electrical fault is nothing short of third world, it’s disgraceful.”

With the huge increase in open water swimming in the sea around Eastbourne in recent times, local groups have also reacted angrily to news about Southern Water’s latest raw sewage discharge.

Councillor Robin Maxted said,

“Our wonderful coast is arguably one of Eastbourne’s greatest attributes and sewage pouring into the sea is putting this at risk.”

In 2021 Southern Water was sentenced to pay a record £90 million fine for widespread pollution after pleading guilty to 6,971 unpermitted sewage discharges; despite the size of the fine the company still reported profits of £138.8 million.

Councillor Tutt added:

“Eastbourne’s tourism industry has been hammered over the last two years by covid and now Southern Water has put the raw sewage equivalent of a Great White Shark in the water off Eastbourne.

“Our hospitality sector is looking forward to welcoming millions of visitors during the summer and the last thing we need is Southern Water polluting the sea just months before they arrive.”

Southern Water has confirmed to the council that they are patrolling Eastbourne beaches for any physical signs of the raw sewage.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman Josh Babarinde OBE tabled and passed a motion at Eastbourne Borough Council to condemn Southern Water’s raw sewage dumping and calling on the government to get serious about regulating their activities. 

Josh said:

“Southern Water must step up and take their responsibility to our coastline and our people seriously, once and for all. It is unacceptable that they reap enormous profits at the same time as polluting Eastbourne’s natural environment. 

At the same time, the Conservative government and MP must wake up to this and implement robust measures to hold Southern Water to account. That’s why Liberal Democrats are calling for a Sewage Tax on the profits of water companies to invest in cleaning up our coastlines.”

Josh Fights to Keep Full Cardiology Services at the DGH

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman, Councillor Josh Babarinde OBE, has tabled a motion at Eastbourne Borough Council to oppose plans that would remove key heart treatment services from the DGH. 

East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust are threatening to remove some of Eastbourne’s specialist cardiology services from the DGH, including emergency heart surgery and cath labs. 

Josh put forward a motion at Eastbourne Borough Council that won cross-party support, which called on local health bosses to scrap the proposal their considering and to retain full cardiology services at the DGH. 

Josh said:

“As one of the fastest growing towns in the region, it’s critical that we keep full cardiology at the DGH. We cannot afford yet another downgrade at the hospital we all know and love, and it would not be fair nor just for residents to have to travel all the way to Hastings to access the most specialist cardiac services.”

“The government was meant to be promising us a brand new hospital, yet all we seem to be hearing is that services in Eastbourne are at risk.”

Josh’s motion also urged local residents to make their views heard in the public consultation on this, before it concludes on 11th March. Upperton Lib Dem team fully support Josh’s cross-party motion.

Dr Kathy Ballard, who is also a member of the cross-party Save the DGH Campaign, said,

“ I urge Upperton residents to take a stand in supporting retention of services in our Hospital”.

Josh says “I’m asking the people of Eastbourne to step up and join me and many great campaigners in standing against any plans to strip services out of the DGH. You can do so here:


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